Come celebrate an exciting birthday party adventure filled with gymnastic’s activity and play.  From our trampolines and inflatables, to our Rock Climbing and Mountain Bar Play Set - It’s all a hit!  Our Birthday Parties are designed to keep your children active and safe throughout the party.  Unlike other Blow Up facilities, our Birthday Parties are 100% Structured.  In other words, we present the obstacle course to the children, showing them what they are supposed to do on each apparatus and then we let the fun begin.  By keeping everything structured, the children know how to use the sometimes complex equipment for their enjoyment.  After a few turns on the course, we bring the children to the next course, which re-energizes them and keeps the Birthday Party excitement flowing throughout.  We finish all our Birthday Parties with a special solo event for the birthday child that will make all the other children ooh and ahh.  The birthday child flies through the air using our overhead spotting belt “Peter Pan”. 





           The Rock Climbing wall comes with an extra instructor who will man the Rock Wall, keeping the children safe during the Birthday Party.  Our Rock Wall is extremely safe because our special design encourages the children to traverse the span of the wall, never getting too high where the danger of falling is too great.  We have huge crash mats at the bottom to softly catch the children as they return to the ground, because it is a Birthday Party and there should only be FUN!  The Rock Climbing Wall comes FREE with our Birthday Party Package #2, or you can add it to Birthday Party Package #1.  For the older, more advanced children at your Birthday Party, we can add hoops and poles as obstacles to challenge them further.  We are, NYC’s Gymnastics & Adventure Park.

           This package pays for an additional Instructor to let each and every child at the Birthday Party belt up and fly through the air like Peter Pan on our overhead spotting belt specifically designed for gymnastics.  Every child will come home saying what an awesome time they had at your child’s Birthday Party when they get a chance to go safely flying through the air, higher then they have ever gone before.  This Birthday Party extra will convince everyone that your child’s birthday party was the BEST!!!


            Every Birthday Party deserves an awesome Climbing and Jumping Inflatable and Park City Gymnastics has it for your child.  Our Air Mountain Track has all the Star Power needed for your child’s birthday party.  Starting with the cargo net climb up to the top of the mountain followed by a slide down onto the 15 foot long bouncing Track and through the cavernous tunnel, your child of any age will have the best birthday party ever at Park City Gymnastics.  We are NYC’s Gymnastics & Adventure Park!!!

           This special item is an enclosed air tunnel that is combined with balloons to create a spiraling den of excitement.  The balloon typhoon is used in the final stage of the play time during our Birthday Parties.  The Balloon Typhoon comes free with our Birthday Party Package #2 or you can add it to Birthday Party Package #1.  Children, ages 1-8 love to jump and play inside this cool birthday party special event.  Catching balloons with their friends brings loads of smiles and excitement.


           Our Picnic Area Inspired Birthday Party Room can seat up to 35 children when additional tables are set up.  Additional children over 35 would require special set-ups that would need to be okayed by the Birthday Party parent.  The Birthday Party room, is always set up by our staff whether you are bringing your own supplies or using ours.  When the children finish their awesome time in the gym, they will come into the Birthday Party Room where pizza will be waiting for them on their plates.  After the pizza is gobbled up, the lights go down and the cake comes out as “Happy Birthday” resonates throughout the room.    

           Our Speed Track is a 20 foot long Bouncing Tumbling Trampoline that finishes on a super large, super thick, 16 foot long Crash Mat that feels like your landing on a cloud.  All Birthday Parties use this apparatus, allowing the children to once again, experience the joy of flight with the safety of our landing cushion.  For the more advanced and older children at the birthday party, we add extra obstacles for the children to jump over and bounce around.  This part of the Birthday Party is always a super hit!!!

The Air Mountain Track

Balloon Typhoon - Comes Standard in Birthday Party Package #2

The Rock Climbing Wall - Comes Standard with Party Package #2

Peter Pan - $75.00 Add On to All Party Packages

The Speed Track - Comes Standard in All Party Packages

Our Party Room - Celebration Room for Pizza and Cake


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