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13th Annual Year End

Gymnastics Show!!!

at Park City Gymnastics

"It's in the Gym!"

Saturday and Sunday, June 8th & 9th, 2024

           This is your family's opportunity to see your child's training in action. Your children will be performing with their classes on the days and times listed below. There will also be a special number performed by our Team gymnasts.  All participants will receive a special award at the podium - picture time!  This is an event you won't want to miss!

Admission Charge

Tickets are $18.00 per Adult - Purchased by Friday, June 7th, 2024

- or -

Tickets are $23.00 per Adult - Purchased the Day of the Show

(If Available)

All Children Under 12 are Free!!!

Gym Show Information


     The session you will be attending depends on the time of your child's regularly scheduled class.  Find your child's Registered Class below and your Show Schedule is written to the right of the class. You only need to attend this particular show time.  Show spots will fill up fast, so please book your slot in advance to secure the time slot you prefer.  The show will be set up on a first come first serve basis.  We can offer other day and time slots depending on their availability if your designated slot doesn't work for you.  There may be more show times added later in the day if the slots fill to capacity.

Arrival Time and Parking

     Please be at your performance session no more than 10 minutes before your scheduled time. Each performance will start promptly.  Please allow ample time for parking.  There are plenty of parking spots on 170th and 171st Streets between Crocheron Avenue and 35Avenue.  Please visit our website under location/parking for the best spots.

Gym Show Uniform

     All participants MUST be in their Park City Gymnastics (PCG) Uniform for the show performance.  Please have the children dressed in their uniforms when they arrive with the exception of their shoes.


          Girls Uniform - PCG Green leotard, Gym Shoes,  

(                     Pink or purple shorts/leggings are optional)

                 Boys Uniform - PCG Green Shirt, Gym Shoes, Shorts or Sweatpants

(                    ( No Jeans are allowed)

         Uniforms are sold at the Front Desk.

We keep in stock all Shoes, Leotards, T-Shirts and Shorts or Leggings

Questions & Answers

What is the Gym Show?

     The Gym Show is roughly 1 hour long.  It is basically a glorified Workout.  All registered children are allowed to participate.  They will work on their progressions, just like a normal workout.  The only difference is that the parents will be in the gym with a couple of bleachers set up and mats and chairs to sit or stand.  The Team will put on a quick special number for everyone, so your children can see what the future might hold for them.  At the end of the show, all participants will receive a special participation medal.

Does my Child Perform?

     All registered children are welcome to perform at our Gym Show.  The show structure allows for a quick Team Exhibition for you and your child to see the higher levels, and then a quick glorified workout for your children.  Your child will perform skills that they have been working on throughout the year.  It is meant to be fun.  We do not spend any extra time during the year preparing gimmicks for the show.  The show is just like a regular workout.  The only difference is that the parents will be in the gym clapping and giving support, and the children will receive cool participation medals at the end.  Picture taking is welcomed!!!

Do I have to attend?

     Participation is welcomed, but not mandatory.  If you normally attend class during the weekends, there will be No Classes during this weekend.  There is no need for a make-up, because this week was already accounted for when making the schedule.

What do my children have to wear?

     All participants are required to be in their Park City Gymnastics Uniform.  The girls are required to wear their PCG leotard and Gym Shoes.  If they wish to wear leggings or shorts, they are required to wear Pink or Purple.  If you need, we do sell Pink or Purple shorts and leggings at the front desk.  The boys are required to wear their PCG Shirt and Gym Shoes.  They need to wear grey, brown, black shorts or sweat pants.

How do I buy tickets for my child to participate?

     You can buy tickets for the adults at the front desk.  When the tickets are purchased, we will put the name of the child that you are with on the receipt.  This will register the child to participate in the specific gym show time that you choose.

Is there a set time for my child to attend?

     Because of various other commitments that parents have, such as Ballet recitals and Softball games during that same weekend, we allow the parent to choose between several time slots on either Saturday or Sunday for their child to attend.  This is why it is important for parents to register early for their child to secure a spot.  Once a show is booked up, we will not be able to offer that slot to you.  However, there will be other time slots available on one of the days.  But, please don't wait.

Why do I have to pay for tickets?

     Since the show is not part of the regularly scheduled classes, it was never paid for during registration.  The fees for the adults pay for the fun experience for your child.  The fees pay for the enormous staff required for the two days and the medals that we give out to each participating child.

Are we allowed to film or take pictures during the Show?

     Yes, you are allowed to film and take pictures during the show.  We ask that all flashes are turned off during filming, as they can temporarily blind the gymnast as s/he is rotating in the air.  Also, we ask parents to be mindful in safeguarding pictures of children on the internet.

How long is the Show?

     The show will be roughly 50 minutes to an hour long.  The show will consist of a quick stretch and warm-up of your children.  Then the Team Girls will put on a quick high flying Tumble Track number, showing off their flips and twists for you and your children's delight.  Then it's your children's time again, as they will show you what they have been working on all year long.  After each child has gone on all the apparatus, we will end with our little award ceremony.  Each child will be called up to the podium and given a participation medal.  A perfect picture taking time as your child salutes you on top of the podium with a well deserved medal hanging from his/her neck.  

Why are Gym Shows Important?

The gym show is an opportunity for children to practice performing before a crowd, which can help them feel more comfortable performing or speaking in front of people in the future.  As we all know, we all have to perform in front of or speak to people in the course of our jobs.