Park Peak

The Balloon Typhoon

Come celebrate an exciting adventure of gymnastic’s activity and play.  

From our trampolines and inflatables, to our Rock Climbing and Mountain Bar Play Set,

It’s all a hit!

Balloon Typhoon - $40.00

     This special item is an enclosed air tunnel that when combined with balloons you have a spiraling den of excitement.  The balloon typhoon is used in the final stage of the play times.

Flying Belt Birthday Party

Rock Climbing Wall - $75.00

     The Rock Climbing wall comes with an extra instructor who will man the Rock Wall throughout the party.  Our Rock Wall is extremely safe because of Wall was made to traverse across instead of going to deftifying heights,

Flying Belt Party - $140.00

For all Children ages 3-10 Years old

     This awesome addition to your party allows every child to experience the awe of soaring high into the air on our overhead spotting belt.  The price includes an extra Instructor to man the harness and make sure that everyone gets their time in.

- socks must be worn at all times.

        - clothing with absolutely “NO” metal, buttons or zippers.

Extra Instructor

Extra Time

Extra Instructors

1.5 hour Party - $30.00

2 Hour Party - $40.00

3 Hour Party - $60.00

     Although needed when the party has more than 24 children, it can be added to any party to give more of a one on one learning environment.  Remember our equipment is stellar, but when you learn how to do more advanced skills, the enjoyment is ten fold.  

Extra Time - $180.00 Per Half Hour

(Plus an additional $3.00 per child over 15 children.)

     Looking to squeeze out a little more time, our extra time is broken up into 20 minutes in the gym/play area and 10 more minutes in the party room.  


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The Inflatable Safari Slide (1-4 Yrs Old)

The Inflatable Obstacle Course

The Obstacle Course - $40.00

     The Inflatable Obstacle Course is a perfect soft bounce course for 3-7 year Olds.  This Inflatable bounce house allows Two children to race against each other.  Climbing, Crawling, Jumping, Weaving and Sliding Down to see who can get to the finish line first.

The Safari Slide - $40.00

     The Safari Slide is the perfect inflatable for 1-4 year olf children.  They jump on the inflatable trampoline, then climb up to the curved slide.  Again and again, the children will be excited the whole time.